Are You Ready to Exit Your Business?

You want to retire or switch gears. You have a good team in place with solid employees and great managers; it might even include one or more of your family members. They do a good job, you trust them, you like them but they just aren’t quite ready to take over. They lack the funds, business sense, entrepreneurial spirit or accountability that you have provided.   You would like them to take over but you don’t know how and even if you did, you don’t want to spend that many more years working in your business.

Let Steve Fischer, Principal of Fischer Business Consulting assist. Having worked in Wichita for 30+ years, as manufacturing manager, business owner, business broker, entrepreneur and investor, he is uniquely qualified to get you where you want to be. Let him leverage his skills, experiences and relationships to allow your legacy to continue.

Consider allowing Steve, working in conjunction with your key employees, buy your business! They will run the day-to-day. Steve will provide the guidance, support, training and accountability that they may lack or have yet to develop. What a way to keep your legacy intact! Not only will the business you worked hard to build continue but your key employees will be better positioning themselves for their future.

Sound interesting? Want to know what to do next? Call or email Steve.

The steps:

  • Schedule a preliminary confidential meeting with Steve Fischer.
    • Learn more about the proposal
    • Learn more about the process of selling
    • Learn more about the resources at your disposal
  • Agree on a price and terms of the transfer.
  • If not already involved, bring key employees into the process.
  • Steve & key employees form a legal entity.
  • The new group buys your business.
  • You get paid.
  • You transition out.
  • The new team continues your legacy, including new operational tools, enthusiasm and goals.
  • Steve works with your team, providing the perspective, training, support and confidence that they need to take over.
  • The management team establishes itself with local banks and resources needed for their successful long term operations.
  • Your business continues.